Our vision

†††† We live in a time when knowledge is constantly increasing. Archeology and the study of ancient manuscripts discovered in the Middle East give us a constant flow of information concerning the ancient religions which existed during the time of Mohammed. When we read these documents in the original languages or in well-researched translations it enables us to understand the roots of Islam better than at any other time in history.

††† Not only is this knowledge of great interest to the scholar, but itís vital for every Muslim today, since it reflects on the veracity and credibility of what he has been taught, and whathe believed and trusted for his eternal future.

††† We see The Religion Research Institute as a willing channel to enlighten every Muslim, by making knowledge and understanding accessible. We do this with complete sincerity and openness. In order to be helpful, research in any field must be characterized by straightforwardness and frankness. If a hospital doctor hides the results of his patient investigation, the diagnosis becomes obscure and both the hospital and the patient are misled. Similarly, researchers of religion must be frank and straightforward if they are to be of genuine help to those who need the benefits of their research.

††† Therefore, we ask the Muslim community to see us as friends trying to help them, and not antagonists with our own agenda and motives. As any honest researcher, we want to shed light on historical truth, and help the serious seeker to make intelligent choices about religion. All of our data is fully documented. We invite the serious researcher to examine the references we present in our articles to verify what we teach.

††† In addition to enlightening Muslims, The Religion Research Institute seeks to minister to non-Muslims who are studying Islam, including those who plan to serve among Muslims in Islamic countries. With the help of our website, we have many training material regarding Islam and Christianity. We encourage you to purchase the literature currently available, and watch for new material in the near future, especially a course currently in production prepared for release next year.

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