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The alleged Ascension of Mohammed to heaven

In this article, Dr. Amari will discuss whether Mohammed ascended to heaven. Did he do so in a trance? How much was he influenced by the occult? These questions, which are important to the credibility of Islam, are the subject of our study today.


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The Ahnaf

In this article Dr. Rafat Amari will discuss the Ahnaf, the group that Mohammad joined before his claim to the role of prophecy. You will see that Ahnaf was a pagan Arabian religious group which began at the time of Mohammed. It had nothing to do with the faith of Abraham. Islamic tradition claims that at the time of Mohammed, there was a group of people who refused to be either Jews or Christians, but instead, they claimed to be of the “faith of Abraham,” which, according to Islam, would mean they were the true followers of Abraham, and continued throughout history. They called themselves “Ahnaf “ or “Honafa.“


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