Jinn as Muslims and Partakers of The Qur'an

By Dr. Rafat Amari

In this article, I will discuss how Mohammed claimed that the Jinn-devil, became Muslims, how they knew about the Qur’an, and what myths Mohammed used to make the devils partakers and authors of one chapter of the Qur’an. This is important in order to see the part that the religion of Jinn-devils of Arabia had in the rise of Islam.

Mohammed imitated  the Persian Zoroastrian myth about the meteorites as stars which strike the devils during the period of inspiration.

 I direct your attention to Surah al-Najm, which means “chapter of the star” in the Qur’an.  In this Surah, or chapter, Mohammed claims that a star came down to him, giving him inspiration. We can understand this Surah more fully if we understand the circumstances behind it.  When the prophets of the great Star of Arabia saw meteorites lighting up the night sky, they thought the meteorites were stars. The meteorites’ purpose, they thought, was one of two possibilities: The meteorites were to strike the devils who spy on the sky when the gods send inspiration to a prophet, or they were to inspire the oracles spoken by the prophets.

This concept is also followed by Zoroastrians who venerate the star, Tistrya, as the lord of the stars. According to the Zoroastrian creed, Tistrya uniquely appears on the tenth of August each year to inspire the people.  When this happens, fierce fighting is accompanied by an increased number of meteorites striking the devils who endeavor to spy on this inspiration.[i][1]

Mohammed copied the Zoroastrian myth. In Surah 72, called al-Jinn, he stated that meteorites increased when the Qur'an was carried by the Angel Gabriel through the seven layers of heaven and through the “ceiling of the sky ,” so it might be brought to Mohammed. The increase in the number of meteorites was attributed to the number of devils who were spying on the ceiling and were struck by the stars hurled by angels.

The way in which Mohammed introduced the Jinn-devils as authors of part of the Qur’an fooled some naïve people of his time.

Mohammed claims that the same Jinn, or devils,  found him under a tree, believed his words and became Muslims. In turn, they authored one Surah, called Surah al-Jinn, which is Surah number 72.  In  verses 8 and 9 of this Surah, they tell how they discovered the Qur‘an while they were spying the ceiling of the sky: “We pried into the secrets of heaven, but we found it filled with stern guards.” According to other verses of the Qur'an, these guards are the stars, or meteorites. “We used to, indeed, sit there, the Surah continues, to steal a hearing, but anyone who listens now will find a meteorite watching him in ambush.”

      When Mohammed introduced the devils, or Jinn, as Muslims and authors of part of the Qur‘an, he only fooled people who were especially naïve, such as the people called Jahiliyah, who were the ignorant people at the time of Mohammed. Every day for many years before his reported encounter with the devils under a tree in the desert, Mohammed recited verses from the Qur‘an. How, then, could the devils first encounter the Qur‘an when they were struck on their heads with the stars hurled by the angels of Allah?

 Another thing our Muslims friends need to ponder is where the devils were always sitting.  According to the  Qur’an, they sat on  “the ceiling of heaven to spy.” If that were true, did they not see the angel Gabriel coming down each day through the ceiling of heaven?  Could they not follow him to see if he went to the house of Mohammed?  Could they not build a direct connection with Mohammed without risking being struck on the head with stars?

Mohammed shared the mythological views and ways which the priests of the Arabian Jinn Religion promoted in order to draw attention to their oracles.

Following Gabriel from the “ceiling of heaven” to the house of Mohammed would have been easy since, according to the Qur‘an, the news and spiritual directions come down from heaven carried by angels. The devils hear some of the news and steal it to communicate it to their priests on earth. This is the idea supported by the Arabian religion of Jinn. Khater was a priest of the devil in Arabia before the birth of Mohammed. We see Khater describing how an angel struck a devil who was spying  “the ceiling of the sky.” The strike on the devil's head caused him to drop the information which he had stolen from the angels who were talking together.[ii][2]

 The priests of the Arabian devils were called  “Kuhhan.” They spread the myth about their devils spying in the ceiling of heaven at the risk of being struck with the stars hurled by the angels. The priests told this in order to convince their Arabian customers to consult with them about the information the devils collected at great risk to themselves. The teachings of the Jinn religion in Arabia are similar to what Mohammed himself believed.  Mohammed said: “The news came down from one heaven to inferior heavens until it reached the heaven of the world. The devils spy until they find news, then they steal it, and bring it to their Kuhhan priests.”[iii][3] By  “the heaven of the world” he meant “the ceiling of heaven,” which he described in the Qur‘an. Mohammed embraced the concepts held by the Kuhhan priests of the Arabian Jinn religion; to make his Qur‘an seem important,  he claimed the Qur‘an was also spied upon by devils when the angel Gabriel descended through the ceiling of heaven in order to reach Mohammed and give him the verses of the Qur‘an. This idea was of Zoroastrian origin, and was promoted by the Jinn religion of Arabia, and was used by Mohammad.

The Moment in Which the Devils Showed up to Back Mohammed

When Mohammed saw that only groups like Saaliks would follow him, he changed strategy by trying to make a concession to the Arabian tribes. He visited their cities and settlements with a strange offer. The tribes had to believe that Mohammed was the prophet of Allah, and they had to be committed to fight with Mohammed and his group to impose Islam over every Arabian tribe. In return, Mohammed would guarantee that the children of the tribes they conquered would become their slaves, and that the women and daughters of the conquered tribes would be at their disposal. Also, money and possessions would go to the victors.

The story is told that one day Mohammed went to the tribe of Thaqif in the city of Taif to present the  offer he had presented to the Bakers. When the Thaqifs refused to hear him, Mohammed returned to Mecca, discouraged by this  refusal. On his way back to Mecca, he sat under a tree in the desert. His biographers say the Jinn came down in the tree which, in turn, informed Mohammed of the presence of the Jinn. Mohammed recited verses from the Qur'an to the devils, and the devils said,  “this is the Qur’an that we could not hear because we were struck with stars in order that we could not hear it.” They soon believed Mohammed and embraced Islam.[iv][4]

  The Jinn were also called devils in the Arabian language at the time of Mohammed. Al-Jaheth, an ancient Arabian writer, told about the beliefs of the Arabians at the time of Mohammed. He said they described devils and they called them “Jinn-devils,” “devils,” or just “Jinn.”[v][5] Jarir, a famous Arabian poet,  says in one of his poems that he has a devil who makes incantations, and this devil was of the Jinn.[vi][6]  Al-Tabari expresses the same thought that Satan was one of the Jinn, and chief of them.[vii][7]

 The Qur‘an also treats the Jinn as devils.  In Surah18, called al-Kahef, verse 50, the Qur'an says that Satan was one of  the Jinn. In the books that narrate the life of Mohammed, Satan is described as  “the father of the Jinn”[viii][8].  We can only conclude that if Satan is chief of the Jinn, it's clear that the Jinn are, indeed, devils.

And why, if Allah intended to make Muslims of the devils, would he strike their heads with stars or meteorites while they were spying and listening to the Qur'an as Gabriel was descending through the “ceiling of heaven”? Allah should have been happy for them to hear the Qur'an while they were up on the ceiling of heaven. They could have become Muslims there. Striking them on their heads with meteorites makes no sense.

Was not Mohammed known to the devils every day while he was reciting verses of the Qur'an at Mecca? If the kingdom of the devil is united, and devils watch everything happening on earth and report it to Satan, why wouldn‘t the Jinn-devils learn about Mohammed before that day when he sat under the tree, discouraged and disappointed because the Thaqif tribe rejected him? Doesn't this incident teach us the that devils were acquainted with Mohammed's message from the beginning?   Wouldn't they want to keep him from getting discouraged, and wouldn't they choose this critical moment to encourage and support him?

 The Jinn-devils immediately began authoring a chapter in the Qur'an equal in language to the rest of the Qur’an, attacking the Sonship of Christ and boasting to be righteous. Finally, the Qur'an would have us believe that the Jinn, immediately after hearing the Qur'an, became authors of one of its chapters. Jinn are transformed in just one moment to be authoritative authors like Allah. The chapter of Jinn is the chapter of devils. In it they attack Jesus Christ as the Son of God.  They represent the inspiration and authority of the Qur‘an, establishing doctrine. In the Surah attacking the Sonship of Christ, they claim some of the devils are righteous.

To justify the absence of miracles in his claims, Mohammed said the Arabic language of the Qur'an was a sign of his prophetic role.  Mohammed claimed the Qur'an was given to him in a high Arabic grammatical form which even the Jinn couldn't imitate. However, the style of the devils' chapter is the same Arabic style as the rest of the Qur'an.

People are deceived because they do not read the Bible, where they can learn about the tricks of the devil.

According to the Bible, the Devil is a liar and never will be righteous. He was removed from the presence of God forever. Remember, also, that the Devil can appear to be religious in order to deceive people without true Biblical knowledge, but he will never be a creature who loves God or is transformed into something righteous, as the devils claimed in the Qur'an’s chapter of the Jinn. In the Book of the Revelation, the Bible warns about the  “depths of the devil,” through which he tries to deceive people who do not study the Bible. Only the Bible, the true Word of God, exposes the ways of Satan and provides those who study it with the means to deal with the tricks of the Devil. The more we study the claims of Islam, the more we see how gullible the followers are expected to be.


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