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Islam in Light of History

By Dr. Rafat Amari

(Hardcover, 506 pages)


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Islam: In Light of History heralds a new era in our understanding of Islam, one of the world’s fastest growing religions. Built on more than 20 years of in depth research, this exciting book helps you evaluate Muslim claims in the light of documented history.

Dr. Rafat Amari explains the fundamentals of Islam from a Christian perspective. He examines the Islamic claim that Mecca existed as far back as the time of Abraham, that Ishmael, Abraham’s son and the father of the Ishmaelites, lived in Mecca and established a monotheistic faith there. Dr. Amari uses historical records to prove that this claim is impossible.

As you dig deeper into Islam, you’ll learn more about its true roots:

     the Qur’an and Islamic tradition

     the faulty historical chronology on which Islam is based

     the Islamic Hajj and its Arabian roots

     the Arabian Jinn religion and its connection with Mohammed

     the Arabian Star religion and its effect on Mohammad's concept of deity

     the rise of Islam and how it was achieved during Mohammed’s time

Islam: In Light of History is an authoritative guide for every student of Islam—not only the scholar and the Christian apologist, but for every Christian who has contact with, and ministry, to Muslims. This fascinating, scholarly work is rich in its depth and readily understood by the average reader.

You’ll find this book educational, stimulating and a treat to read.

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The Study of Classical Writings Excludes an Ancient Mecca

10 USD

The Study of Arabian Archaeology Excludes an Ancient Mecca

10 USD

The Study of Mesopotamian Inscriptions Excludes an Ancient Mecca

10 USD

The Study of the Bible Excludes an Ancient Mecca

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Refuting the Islamic Claims about Ishmael and his Descendants

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The Kaaba of Mecca and the Concept of Deity Held by Mohammed

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